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Light Photographs


By Chris Jeffrey


Eight Items or Less


This collection of photographs was created in November 2015, during my “Eight Items or Less” light installation in downtown Montpelier, VT.  The write-up that accompanies the website description of that installation describes how the photos came to be:

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Much of the fun and mystery of doing these light installations has to do with discovering the random and unforeseen reflections and color combinations that become apparent after the installation is complete.   This installation was especially rich in these discoveries.


One day as I was taking photographs I noticed that the back of the “For Rent” sign taped to the window, which is made of laminated white paper, was reflecting the colored lights in all sorts of fascinating combinations.  Moving to the side or up and down by even a couple of inches changed the reflections in dramatic ways.  These photos are my attempt to capture these beautiful, almost infinite combinations of light and color, each one of which lasted only for as long as I didn’t move and then disappeared forever.


- Chris Jeffrey

These photographs are available for purchase.  Each photo is expertly printed by Light-Works in Winooski, VT, archivally matted by The Drawing Board in Montpelier, VT and framed in a black metal frame with high-quality UV protection, anti-glare glass.  The images measure roughly 12” by 20” and the frames are 18” by 24”.  Each photograph costs $300, plus shipping.  They are also available as prints only for $120, or matted for $150 plus shipping. Contact me to find out more.