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LightStudioJ documents my efforts to create art works that explore the interaction of light and color, and the ways that this interaction can take us outside of our day-to-day experience and give us opportunities to experience the world on a deeper, less ego-driven level.


I have been a stained glass artist for many years. But at some point I realized that what truly excites me about stained glass isn’t really the imagery or the finished window. What fully engages me is the visceral response I have to the colors with which I work, and the light that creates and amplifies those colors.


When there isn’t the distraction of imagery or even a physical framework, those pure colors inspire in me a sense of mystery, introspection and penetrating beauty. It’s the feeling I get when I take the time to stop working for a while and watch as cobalt blue and crimson red, pure colors projected by the sun through a stained glass panel hanging in a window of my studio, slowly make their way over the floor and up the wall. The image in the panel, its dimensions, the motivation for its creation, fade to irrelevance. All that matters are the nebulous colors before me, not telling me what to think or feel, just allowing me to become absorbed in their intensity and beauty. LightStudioJ is my attempt to recreate and extend this experience by experimenting with different artistic expressions that have at their core the immense and consuming power and beauty of light and color.


- Chris Jeffrey

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