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MAY 2022


In the spring of 2022 I was commissioned by the Corning Glass Company to create a permanent light installation for their new advanced optics manufacturing facility near Rochester, NY.  It consists of two parts.  The first is in the hallway that leads from the main entrance into the heart of the building. It is an installation that greets visitors and staff with an energy of playfulness, excitement and innovation.


By employing high-tech colored optical filters, dramatically lit with spotlights, to project a rainbow of striking colors the entire length of the hallway, it conveys to visitors and employees that this is not an ordinary facility they’ve just entered: the technology being produced here is vibrant, dynamic and creatively cutting-edge.


The second part of the installation is in a conference room off of the main hallway.  It continues the energy of the hallway into this more intimate space, where the filters have been attached to boards that are installed along one wall of the room, merging five separate elements into one large immersive piece.



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